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Life Gets in the Way

Dear Erma,

Did you ever have a time where life got in your way?  The past 2 months have been INSANE for me.  We had the flurry of school starting in August and again in September for both kids this year.  Outfits to buy, backpacks to find, open houses, etc.  We had a great trip to visit with my grandmother, a weekend DAR trip, oh, and my stupid computer got a virus and I had to work on a really slow one for weeks.  And weeks.  Sigh.

But here it is October and life is settling into the new normal (and the slow computer is no longer on my desk.)

It really is a silly phrase, “Life gets in the way.”  Life IS what life got in the way of, right?  That doesn’t even make sense.  Life just kept chugging along and changing, always with the changes!

EB is a grown up 3-year-old preschooler all of a sudden!  She marches into the classroom like she owns the place.  No tears at a single drop off in over a month.  While I’m thrilled she’s so happy about it all, it did make me feel pretty sad the day I took her the first time and she didn’t even care that I was leaving!  I got over it quick and counted my blessings, though.  I’m proud that she’s so happy there, she loves school.

JB is happy that he’s in the same classroom, same bus, and same teacher at his preschool.  He is NOT a fan of change.  He had some challenging days getting used to school again, but his teacher is a Godsend and she has devised several brilliant strategies to help him re-adjust and they’re all working better and better every day.  She figured out a way to incorporate the beloved Thomas Trains into a reward system!  She also made him a super cute book about how JB is a big boy who loves school, full of photos of his school activities to have at home to incorporate into his routine while he waits for the bus.  And he’s been bringing home some writing worksheets and that child LOVES homework time!  I think I need to take a video recording of his homework enthusiasm in case 5 or 10 years from now he feels differently about it.

JB Sr and I have been crazy busy with our jobs, but we were just talking yesterday about how we are so appreciative to have jobs that need us so much they make him work on Saturdays and I’ve got a to-do list 50 miles long.  We are acutely aware of just how blessed we are.

The air is cooler and our thoughts are turning toward the next life activities–holidays!  We’ve got lots of ideas and plans for JB Sr’s birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, JB’s 5th birthday, and our 7th wedding anniversary cooking up!

Your lively life owning protegé,




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I'm a married mom of 2 in the midwest. Mmmm, that's a lot of M's! Read the blog to find out more.

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