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Dear Erma,

My kids have suddenly become the world’s best entertainment.  Who needs cable or streaming movies or satellite radio when you have a 3 and a 4-year-old who are best friends living in your house?  They have the most vivid, imaginative play I’ve ever seen.  And to make it even more awesome, they have a bizarre habit of instructing each other’s lines. 

I know some kids will direct pretend time with: “you be the cowboy and I’ll be the outlaw” or “I’m the mommy and you’re the daddy.”  But my little buddies script each other. 

EB: Say “I’m going on a tiger hunt!”

JB: I’m on a tiger hunt!  Say “You found a big orange tiger!”

EB: You found a big orange tiger.  Say “Don’t eat me, tiger!”

And on and on.  It’s hilarious.  I work in the upstairs of my house where the kids have a free reign in a wide hallway in between their 2 bedrooms.  My door is shut, but when my speakers are off, I can hear every enthusiastic word.  It’s precious.  I sit here and laugh and wipe away tears some mornings at the complex stories they tell each other.  In stereo.

There was a time when having kids 16 months apart was brutal.  I often say I cannot remember EB’s first year of life, I was so exhausted and sleep-deprived.  But the tight bond of friendship and companionship these two siblings have now is worth not knowing what I did in 2008 for Thanksgiving.  Sure, they squabble and brawl from time to time, but they also just adore each other and that’s a beautiful thing.  I get a little sad when one’s at school and the other’s at home, they just wander around lost until their pal gets back.  Or they pester us to say things.  “Say that Percy and Thomas are going to Misty Island, Daddy,” or “Say the pink dragon is hungry, Mommy.”  So Mom and Dad kick in to make up for the missing partner.  Maybe we should have made sure EB had afternoon school like JB??

Your highly amused protégé,



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I'm a married mom of 2 in the midwest. Mmmm, that's a lot of M's! Read the blog to find out more.

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  1. Ha! Right now mine are playing the same way. 🙂

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