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Cap and Gown?

Dear Erma,

When I was in college, I was a political science and theology major.  That means everything was about thinking of theories, pondering the big questions in life, reading Locke, Augustine, and C.S. Lewis.  Now, 15 years later, I ponder even more deep questions.

“How does Larry the Cucumber play the tuba when he doesn’t have any arms?”

“What does Thomas the Tank Engine like to eat?”

That’s right, gone are my days of thinking about the Federalist Papers and The Screwtape Letters.  I need to tell a 3-year-old how Larry plays the tuba!  I once heard it said that a mother’s education is never wasted, even if she doesn’t work in a traditional career, because she influences her children with her vast knowledge on a daily basis.  In theory this is very true, and I think everybody who wants to should learn everything they can.  But when I really am honest about what I talk to my kids about when it’s just Mom duty, it has very little to do with anything I learned past the 3rd grade.

Can I read the Dr. Seuss book?  Can I work a DVD player?  Tie shoes?  Use the measuring cups to make Mac and Cheese from a box?  Ok, I’m good.

I am sure this phenomenon is happening in households all over America.  Heck, my husband has degrees in business and music–he is not singing Handel and calculating profit and loss with the kids, either.  Moms and Dads use their educations to provide for the kids, but unless they studied early childhood development or are pediatricians, I doubt that the average parent pulls out their diploma to get the kids to cooperate most days.

The closest I have come so far in imparting my educational knowledge to my kids is explaining to them that going to vote is not “going on a boat, “ and what I mean when I say that it is against the law for me to let JB drive the car.

Someday JB Sr. and I will use our college educations to help with homework, or give the kids advice on their own choices of college major, but for now…how DOES Larry play that tuba with no arms?

Your preschool-minded protégé,



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I'm a married mom of 2 in the midwest. Mmmm, that's a lot of M's! Read the blog to find out more.

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  1. So how does he play that tuba??

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